Telstra lanceert research report Connecting Companies: Strategic Partnerships for the Digital Age

Last week Telstra launched a new global research report with the Economist Intelligence Unit, titled Connecting Companies: Strategic Partnerships for the Digital Age. Connecting Companies was designed to dive into the theory that to gain advantage in this hyper-competitive environment, companies are finding it is increasingly tough to go it alone. As a result, the research found that many are entering into partnerships in one form or another to develop their digital capabilities.

The report is designed to guide you through the growing trend of digital partnerships – how to identify the key building blocks of a digital ecosystem and illustrates each step with successful examples and real business case studies.

Some of the highlights I took from the research include:

  • We are in an era of the “co-corporation”, with 53 per cent of respondents believing that companies will have to be part of a network to maximise technology trends in the future
  • 50 per cent of executives believe their digital partnerships will result in a change to their business model
  • 44 per cent of respondents took the view that “companies going it alone will soon be a thing of the past”
  • Half of those surveyed believe their digital partnerships have proven their value “beyond doubt”
  • Almost six out of ten respondents say they expect that their partnerships will generate at least one tenth of their revenue over the next 12 months


While the changes in this space are clear, one thing that is not likely to change with digital partnerships is the enduring need for accomplished management skills to build and sustain the relationships. Even where collaboration is largely automated, mutual trust and confidence will always determine how deeply and effectively it works.

If you’re interested in finding out more, I’d encourage you to visit the
Connecting Companies microsite where you can download the whitepaper, read thought provoking articles and listen to our podcast series.

Kind regards,

Martijn Blanken
Group Managing Director and Chief Customer Officer,
Telstra Global Enterprise and Services

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